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Black Red Venetian Stripe Blazers Tailor Made and Bespoke Blazer Range

The Independent Look

Our Regency Schoolwear Collection makes it easier to design a prestigious, distinctive uniform for your preparatory or independent school.

Please contact us to request a digital copy of our Bespoke Lookbook filled full of innovative ideas for bespoke coordinated uniforms and sportswear.

Many traditional school customers require blazers and jackets that reflect their merit. We offer our expert knowledge of uniform design and access to exceptional quality fabrics from wool blend to Venetian cotton stripes, and many more classic styles.

The Regency Schoolwear Collection allows you to create bespoke blazers and jackets with a range of options of fabric, fit, colour and finish that best represents your school’s character. We sell throughout the UK, as well as export our blazers internationally.

MTO School Blazers Wool Polyester Venetian Stripe Bespoke Blazer

Follow the three steps below to create a truly distinctive look, then add bespoke school branding and design elements with professional embroidery, braiding, lining and button enhancements.

Co-ordinating accessories are also available to complete the uniform. The junior look can be complemented further with our made to order matching caps, highly durable and smart corduroy shorts and trousers and girls’ pinafore dresses. Enhance the senior look by adding more formal styling with our extensive range of shirt and blouse styles, boys’ trousers and girls’ skirts and trousers.

For a superior look, the wool / nylon fabrics that we use combine the luxury and natural wool fibre with the durability of nylon to perform throughout the year. Why not try a dual two-colour tape (like the one shown below) to develop a truly distinctive style for your school.

Bespoke Blazers Wool Nylon Fabric With Cord Trim

The elements of the blazer or jacket that can make it truly customised to a school can come in the final embellishments. Special dye or standard colour cord (shown below) is a popular choice.

Grey Flannel Traditional Blazer With Purple Cord Trim

Your Bespoke Blazer or Jacket

Our Regency Schoolwear blazers and jackets offer a bespoke alternative to schools that require an entirely personalised look. The garments are made to order with decades of manufacturing experience, producing the most durable and prestigious look that a school could want.

Step 1: Choose Your Fabric

The various fabrics available are summarised below:

  • Wool

With many prestigious and traditional schools requiring wool blazers for their uniform, then we offer the best choice of this exceptional quality fabric.

We use a blend of fine wool for softness and warmth together with slightly coarser wool to add shine and body to the finished fabric. Blending specific different fibre lengths creates a strong, full, even and round yarn to optimise a consistent dyeing process and final consistent finished presentation.

Bespoke Wool School Blazer Traditional Green Flannel Boys and Girls Blazer

The wool that we use in our garments is manufactured to the highest specification and will withstand the test of time.

  • Tweed

A quality to match the rigours and demands of schoolwear fabrics, whilst giving schools an individual identity with classic niche tailoring.

Herringbone Tweed Jacket Bespoke MTO School Blazer Jackets

  • Wool / cotton stripes

Our Venetian stripes range remains popular with many schools wanting a truly distinctive look. The cotton adds strength and durability with bespoke designs giving a differentiated look for any school choosing this fabric.

Navy / Sky Blue Venetian Stripe Wool Cotton Bespoke School Blazers and Jackets

  • Poly / viscose

This fabric offers an extremely durable, washable and easy care cloth. The hopsack weave provides a textured feel to the fabric as an enhancement to a standard polyester fabric. Also available with Lycra.

Royal Blue Bespoke Blazer with Gold Trim

  • Polyester

Offering extreme durability, polyester is hard wearing for the rigours of everyday wear. The superior polyester that we use in our Independent blazers has a barathea weave to provide a soft handle and structured finish.

Navy Polyester Wool Bespoke Blazer Jackets

For each of the above options, the price point of the fabric and the stock availability of the colour are important factors that can impact on the overall cost of the bespoke blazer or jacket.

Step 2: Choose your style

  • Traditional blazers

Traditional blazers with three patch pockets and front darts for a slimmer fit, structured padding and interlinings offer a classic look for schools. Our blazers are the go-to choice when it comes to well-made, durable schoolwear.

  • Modern jackets

Modern jackets are an updated styling of the traditional blazer. Our jackets are growing more popular each year as style-conscious pupils take a say in the uniforms that they wear.

  • Special options

Special options and styles are available to create truly unique jackets and blazers. Examples of special styles include Rubes, Riding and Modern Fit jackets.

Bespoke School Blazer Jacket Styles

Step 3: Choose your design details

Specific features of garments can be tailored to your individual requirements as follows:

  • Linings 

Stock colour or bespoke design. The lining can be closely matched to the shade of the blazer or jacket or can be made into a design feature. Some ideas include a bright contrast lining or a bespoke jacquard lining, specific to the school.

  • Vents

Side double, centre single or vents. Whether none, I or 2, the back vents will often fall in line with the garment design selected but can also be specified.

  • Pockets

Patch, jetted, flaps and positions. There are a variety of designs – patch, jetted, with flaps, slanted or mock to name a few.

  • Buttons

Stock or bespoke and how many. Choose whether 2 or 3 buttons and also the style of button that the school requires.

Bespoke flannel wool blazers with vents

Step 4: Choose your enhancements

Final enhancements and embellishments help you create a customised jacket or blazer. Please consider the following:

  • Tape / cord / insert piping choices: standard colour or special dye and positioning. Blazers and jackets can be embellished with a variety of blazer trims such as taped lapels, pockets and cuffs. There are a wide number of combinations that schools can choose for the placement as well as an extensive colour selection of cord, piping and braid trim. Further details available by clicking on the factsheet: Blazer and Jacket Trim Options  

Blazer Trim Cord Braid and Piping Options  

  • School branding options: Embroidery of the school badge or logo is typically placed on the breast pocket but with more modern jacket styling, the lapel or pocket flap are also becoming more popular. With the digital file of the school crest, many options can be explored to present updated and stylish branding.

Fast mock-up service

Mock-ups are a great way to pull together the uniform that you are looking for and to help with decision-making. With CAD drawings then we can present a variety of options, including inserting the school crest and providing colour matches.


For customers wishing to see a finished garment or options available to them to consider, then we can produce examples or final garment samples, subject to trims and embroidery design availability.

We can make ordering your bespoke blazers and jackets straightforward, so contact us with your enquiry, and we can work through the steps together to achieve the best results.

Give us a call to discuss your ideas on 01384 352340 or email