Embroidery, Print and Bespoke Customisation

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Customised made to order school and academy blazers

With our latest state of the art machinery and processes, we are able to embroider, print, personalise or customise any aspect of your garments to match your requirements.

Why not enhance the appearance of your school uniform, sportswear kit, horse riding gear, outdoor clothing, bags, club, business, corporate, staff or work wear? All these items can be embroidered or printed with your crest, logo, badge or  text to your exact requirements, or made to order with your colours or special trims added.

Embroidery and Printing

Badges, embroidery, printing for school uniforms and sportswearWe operate the latest state of the art machinery for embroidery and transfer, vinyl or screen printing, which enables us to produce extremely high quality, customised clothing and provide you with the shortest delivery times, averaging 7 - 10 days in most cases.

Send us your artwork and instructions as to what you require, we will supply you with a quote without any obligation on your part. We also offer an artwork design service if your logo has not been prepared or requires re-drawing.


Embroidery prices range from £2.50 per application for simple text, however we will offer discount prices on the cost of the garment / product for large quantity orders, which may result in the equivalent of free embroidery.Personalised embroidery and printing for school uniform and sports wear

Any new crest or logo design, anything requiring artwork as opposed to simple text,  will normally have to be digitised. The average cost to digitise a logo is between £25.00 and £35.00 for small front left chest size designs, but this really depends on the number of stitches involved. We then charge a small cost per application to embroider the logo on to the garment / product (average cost from £3.50 for a small design).

Again for large quantity orders then the discount offered on the garments / products will result in the equivalent of free embroidery.

Please contact us with your embroidery requirements, including any design artwork you have and details of garment, sizes, logo position, logo size and embroidery colours required.


Printing prices range from £2.50 per application for simple text only personalisation, numbering or initials. For printing of logos and designs there is normally a set-up charge, which varies according to the kind of printing you require. If you would like to contact us then we will be only too pleased to assist you. There are three printing options available:

  • Screen Printing. For the basic one colour logo there is normally a set-up and screen charge of £25.00, but please contact us to discuss your requirements.
  • Vinyl Printing. This is normally the cleanest and most cost effective method for small runs or even one offs.
  • Heat Transfer Printing. This process can produce larger runs of single colour and right up to full colour process designs. The costs for this method are calculated based on the quantity required.

Bespoke Design Service

We offer a special design service for any particular element of your uniform, sports or leisure wear. We provide management of the entire process from design and manufacture through to distribution and retail, subject to minimums from 48 pieces, dependent on product.

County Sports and Schoolwear offers the flexibility to customise garments from its highly regarded Regency Schoolwear collection allowing the customer to design unique uniforms tailored to their requirements, and then conveniently to purchase these items.

The logistics and quality assurance teams control the manufacturing process to ensure that the bespoke garments are delivered on-time and to the superior quality expected from our garments.

Premium fabrics, superior quality and attention to detail are synonymous with County Sports and Schoolwear designs.

For further details on our blazers then please visit our designated web page: Bespoke Blazers or contact us on 01384 352340 or email info@countyschoolwear.co.uk