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Environmental Policy, Recycling and Waste Reduction

We make great efforts to ensure that both our partner manufacturers and ourselves have sustainable, environmentally-friendly business practices. This page offers more information.

Our Environmental and Sustainable Sourcing Standards

We believe that business should be conducted with total respect for people and the environment. We adopt a rigorous selection process for garment and product manufacturers, ensuring only those that are totally committed to exceeding our high environmental standards become appointed suppliers. All of our manufacturers have been Öeko-Tex certified.

Öeko-Tex is an internationally recognised testing standard which sets standards for substances which might harm people or the environment. This standard contains analytical tests for specified harmful substances and gives limiting values based on scientific considerations.

Oeka-Tex standard provides certification of environmental friendly products

Others may hold accreditation to organisations such as the Fairtrade Foundation, Organic Exchange or hold Recycle Certification in order to establish a product's genuine Fairtrade, Organic and environment friendly status.

We recognise that our business activities affect the natural environment in a number of ways. We strive through continuous improvement to minimise the adverse effects on the environment and the earth's natural resources, whilst safeguarding the health and safety of employees and the public.

We purposely seek out suppliers who take positive action to minimise both waste and the impact of their manufacturing processes on the surrounding environment. An example of this can be seen by clicking on our Eco School Wear Uniform Collection.

Our Aims to Support Sustainable Sourcing:

  • Comply with or exceed relevant legislative requirements, and where those are inadequate, we will set our own standards that comply with our environmental and ethical criteria.
  • Encourage manufacturing suppliers to recognise their environmental responsibilities, and offer support to help them implement sound environmental health & safety policies and practices.
  • Design and manufacture our products with consideration for the environment. Please take a look at our exclusive environment friendly Eco School Wear Uniform Collection.
  • As innovations to fabric recycling evolve, we continuously improve and adapt styles where recycling can enhance performance or lessen environmental impact.
  • All garments using recycled materials or organic, regenerated or Fairtrade cotton within their make-up are marked accordingly on this website.
  • Reduce progressively the environmental impact caused by our products and business activities.
  • Where possible, we re-use all cardboard for packaging and re-delivery. If the cardboard is not fit for re-use then we recycle it through a third party.
  • Re-useable polybags are used in packaging, together with other recycled materials on labelling and promotional literature, where possible.
  • Our entire range is available to view for customers via our website at no cost, making it the most environmentally friendly catalogue possible, saving valuable time and resources for the customer.
  • We offer all our customers an E-billing service where they can receive all their invoices via email, cutting down on the use of excess paper.
  • Work in partnership with schools to reduce the environmental impact of our business and service.