Benefits for Schools and Organisations

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Listed below are some of the benefits for Schools, Clubs and Organisations when using our services:

  • TRUSTED SUPPLIER. With over 20 years experience of delivering excellent service within the public and private sectors, County Sports & Schoolwear provide the ultimate in simple, customer-friendly uniform, sports kit and clothing supply solutions.
  • HASSLE-FREE. Our slick service offers the provision for speedy and efficient deliveries, stock holding facilities, low minimum order levels, secure cash-less purchases, resource-efficient administrative support, no-quibble guarantees, marketing material, no additional fees or charges.
  • CONVENIENT. With the ever-increasing demand on convenience, then we will ensure that a supply of uniform, in every required size and colour, will be accessible to parents all year round, with a convenient choice of purchase and delivery. Why not take a look at a simple ordering form for parents, which could be adapted for any purchases.
  • CUSTOMISED SERVICE.  By working closely with the individual School / Organisation, we can provide a customised service and an eclectic range of products, which make purchasing school specific items less of a burden and more of a pleasurable experience.
  • AUTONOMY. We pride ourselves on the flexibility within our services, whereby the autonomy to determine the product mix, distribution and pricing is maintained by the School or Organisation, embracing their ethos, culture, values, sustainable development and further enhancing Home/School/Pupil relationships.
  • SECURITY & SAFETY. We only offer products that are designed or manufactured for the specific purpose indicated. Our free on-line ordering facility is provided with the highest level of security standards in conjunction with PayPal.
  • REVENUE OPTIMISATION. The school dictates its own levels of income generation from school-specific approved products.
  • CUSTOMER VALUE. By choosing County Sports & Schoolwear then your customers benefit from a wide choice of good quality, durable, comfortable and stylish products at affordable prices.
  • EQUITABLE SUPPLY. We guarantee an all year round supply of ethically sourced, durable and appropriate products for everyday school use, available for the entirety of the school population at an affordable and fair price.
  • BESPOKE SERVICE. For establishments that require a Special Design Service for any particular element of their uniform, sportswear or leisurewear, then we offer management of the entire process from design and manufacture through to distribution and retail.