2024 Leaver Hoodies & Clothing

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2024 School Leavers Hoodies & Clothing

Printed With Names in the Number 24

Our range of leavers hoodies, leavers polo shirts and leavers t-shirts for school leavers, college leavers and graduation students, are specially designed with the printed number 24 of the names within your class, year or group. A similar design can be used for tours and trips.

All inclusive: The inclusive price that you see is the price you pay, and includes taxes, standard garment, screen print set-up, design artwork, prints on back and delivery within the UK.

2024 Leavers Hoodies

Leavers Hoodies 2024

  • Choose from Hoodies, Polo Shirts or T-shirts
  • A raft of different styles, colours and sizes
  • We will design the artwork to include all the text/names within the number 24 or choose an alternative design 
  • An option to set-up your own customised on-line shop to promote and sell your range of Leavers Products
  • Additional personalisation of names and customisation of logos available by embroidery or print application.

If you require any further assistance in collating your order, then please do not hesitate to contact us.